Early Planning is Key for an Understanding of what Retirement has in Store

retirement laneRecently a group of retirees and those approaching retirement answered questions pertaining to financial concerns associated with retirement.  Unsurprisingly, the group of retirees regret not having a better understanding of health care and investments.  As a result, many did not save as much as they could have and are finding it detrimental to their retirement savings.  Falling in line with retirees, the pre-retiree group lacked not only an awareness of health care costs, but also a basic financial plan.
An important, yet often disregarded layer of life after retirement; is simply what will retirees do from day to day?  While some individuals may desire a part time job, many foresee their retirement traveling or enjoying leisure activities.  Regardless of how individuals decide to spend their retirement, it must be calculated for in one’s retirement financial plan.

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