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OPEB Liability –  Does It Matter?

benefits magazine snipitClick here to read in Benefits Magazine how municipalities and Taft-Hartley Funds can legitimately reduce the annual cost of retiree health benefits and cut millions from their OPEB liability, without cutting benefits or increasing costs to retirees.

Solving a Piece of the OPEB Puzzle

GoverningClick here to find out what has to say about KTP’s approach to solving the OPEB puzzle.

Feds Shake Up Private Health-Exchange Market

CFOClick here to read what, with the help of KTP’s very own Mark Whitcher, has to say about the Private Health-Exchange Market.

A Judge’s Misunderstanding of Medicare

projoClick here to read former KTP offical Steve Kirkpatrick’s OpEd in the Providence Journal on the misguided decision by a Rhode Island Superior Court judge to deny the city of Providence from moving its retired police and firefighters onto Medicare.