For over 20 years, KTP has achieved an impressive track record of helping our clients consistently provide retiree health benefits at a cost consistently well below national averages.  No one factor can explain this performance.  We believe that achieving results of this caliber requires a day-in day-out focus on the drivers of cost for these benefits.  Our relentless focus on existing and emerging opportunities for maximizing cost-effectiveness produces results that we believe speak for themselves.

KTP professionals work with clients to understand their corporate culture and strategic goals and objectives. Based on this understanding, we work alongside clients to develop short and long-term strategies and tactics. KTP helps clients understand solutions in light of the current and future business, legal, and regulatory environment by identifying and implementing the potential solutions that achieve the client’s goals and objectives.

As seasoned professionals, KTP understands that each client has their own risk tolerance, funding preferences, and contractual obligations. Based on these and other client-specific factors, we work to design, develop, negotiate, implement, manage, and monitor the most appropriate benefit plans for each of our clients.

We also collaborate with a select group of proven strategic partners to provide even more expertise and plan management services:

  • ERISA and employment law attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Active employee benefit consultants and advisors
  • Actuaries
  • Prescription drug consultants/claims auditors
  • Employee communications experts
  • HRA, COBRA and Flex administrators
  • Data analytics experts

If you have any questions regarding our services, or would like more information, please contact: Nicole Allen at or Kate Beebe at