KTP Advisors Named Retiree Health Advisor to Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition


 NEWPORT, R.I. –  The Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition (DVHCC), the largest association of Taft-Hartley funds, labor unions, and government entities in the United States with over two million covered individuals across 240 member groups, has selected KTP Advisors as its exclusive vendor on retiree health benefit plans.

Following a competitive process, the Philadelphia-based coalition chose KTP for its expertise on retiree health care and its track record at reducing its clients’ unfunded liability for retiree health care without reducing benefits and increasing retiree costs, said DVHCC officials.

“DVHCC members have been searching for ways to lessen the impact of continuing to offer retiree benefits to their participants. After meeting with several firms offering a variety of services, we selected KTP Advisors. KTP made an outstanding presentation and proposed a solution which best fits the needs of our membership.” explained DVHCC President Matthew Kearney.

“Being chosen as the advisor on retiree health benefits for the DVHCC is an honor,” said Mark Whitcher, CEO of KTP Advisors. “We look forward to working with the individual funds to ensure they receive the best advice and their retirees continue to receive the health benefits they expect at the lowest possible price in the market.”


The Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition (DVHCC), based in Philadelphia, is the largest coalition of Taft-Hartley funds, labor unions, governmental entities and school districts in the United States with over two million covered individuals in 240 groups. The purpose of the DVHCC is to provide quality health benefit plans and services at discounted pricing not available to non-Members. For more information on the DVHCC, visit www.dvhcc.com