KTP is Selected Retiree Benefit Advisor to IUPAT District Council 21

DC 21dvhccOn the first of the 2014 calendar year IUPAT District Council 21 (DC 21) appointed KTP Advisors as their Medicare Eligible Retiree Benefit Advisor.  DC 21 stands to save 24% or $667 per retiree per year in transitioning to the fully insured Medicare supplement plan negotiated by KTP Advisors for members of the Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition.  KTP Advisors looks forward to helping DC 21 with continued savings and retiree benefit management support.

Endorsements from IUPAT District Council 21:
The major function of IUPAT District Council 21 Customer Service Team is to be responsive to the needs of our retirees.  Concerns arise when making a change from one carrier to another as transitions can prove difficult.  We were impressed by KTP Advisors’ approach to managing any and all of our questions or concerns.  KTP delivered a seamless implementation process with little disruption to our retirees.
  KTP Advisors continues to be approachable, responsive and timely with any requests from our team.  I am confident this level of client service is the standard at KTP Advisors and would recommend their services.

Robyn Simpson
Office Manager
District Council 21 Benefits Office

KTP Advisors assisted IUPAT District Council 21 in moving our Medicare eligible retirees from a self-funded medical plan to a fully insured medical plan.  We are using the Medicare supplement plan that was negotiated by KTP Advisors for all members of the Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition.   This new Medicare supplement plan is saving the trust fund 24% or $317,000.00 per year.  KTP Advisors personnel were very knowledgeable and worked together with our current advisor during the evaluation process.  They were able to implement the new plan on a very tight time table and were very responsive.  I feel very comfortable recommend them to help other plans achieve significant savings.

Michael Previtera
Fund Administrator
District Council 21 Benefits Office