Solstice Marketplace

solsticeMarketplaceCompany name: Solstice Benefits, Inc.

Marketplace name: Solstice Marketplace

Technology used to power exchange: Solstice Benefits developed and provides the core decision support technology for their exchange.

CEO or Practice Leader:

Launched: 2014

Main Location / Headquarters: Plantation, FL

Website:   Please click here

Membership/number of lives currently on platform: 

Segment size preference (“target business size”): Solstice marketplace has the ability to service all segment sizes, however the majority of their clients are within the 50-200 group size

States of operation (if available): All 50 states

Are employers required to use a defined contribution: No; the Marketplace supports voluntary, contributory, and noncontributory employer contribution.

Carriers Offered: Brokers and Groups will be able to select from the following medical carriers: Careington, Aetna, Health Republic, and Coventry. Additionally, brokers have the flexibility to add any carriers and their plans with which they are authorized to sell.

Decision Support Tools: Some consumer support tools available to clients include an FAQ and how-to tools, instructional videos, instruction manuals and more. Additionally, consumers may contact a customer support representative that are available Monday through Friday from 8AM – 6PM.

How does exchange get compensated: The Marketplace charges groups a fee per subscriber, per month for services. The Solstice Marketplace also charges a one-time fee to enroll as a broker.

Standard or Custom Product Configuration: Most are custom; however, they do have standard plan configurations as well.

Do they Utilize Other Technology Company Solutions: 

Single-carrier or Multi-carrier: Multi-carrier; the Solstice Marketplaces is a flexible and scalable system that allows brokers the flexibility to offer their own plans from any carrier they want, as well as choose form many standard medical and ancillary plans.