Genius Benefits

imgresCompany name: Genius Avenue

Marketplace nameGenius Benefits

Technology used to power exchange:

CEO or Practice Leader:

Launched: 2007

Main Location / Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ

Website:   Please click here

Membership/number of lives currently on platform: 

 Segment size preference (“target business size”):  Able to handle any size group

States of operation (if available):  National

Are employers required to use a defined contribution:  Not required, but available

Carriers Offered: Individual carriers vary by state but include Aetna, Assurant, Blues, Coventry, UnitedHealthOne, and Humana

Decision Support Tools:  Videos, online member accounts, call center support, health & wellness content. A key feature of Genius Benefits is the availability of licensed benefit counselors who can provide personal guidance and information to employees over the phone as they determine their subsidy eligibility and make their product selections. Genius Benefits also includes nurture email marketing programs to educate employees about the products available to them, helping increase retention and helping employers build stronger relationships with their employees.

How does exchange get compensated: Set up/implementation fees, ongoing montly admin fee, and commissions for GA sourced products

Standard or Custom Product Configuration:  Product configuration is variable depending on needs of the client

Do they Utilize Other Technology Company Solutions:

Single-carrier or Multi-carrier: Build and power multiple exchanges for Carriers, Benefit Providers, Associations, Affinity Groups, and Employer Groups