NFP Marketplace

exchange_nfpCompany name: National Financial Partners (NFP)

Marketplace name: NFP Marketplace

Technology used to power platform: bswift

CEO or Practice Leader: Ed O’Malley, president of NFP’s Corporate Client Group; Douglas W Hammond- CEO of NFP

Main Location / Headquarters: New York, NY

Founded / Exchange Launched: 2013

Website: Please click here.

Membership/number of lives currently on platform: TBD

Segment size preference (“target business size”): Can accommodate any size client

States of operation (if available): Available to clients of NFP

Are employers required to use a defined contribution: Not required. The NFP Marketplace platform is configurable to accommodate multiple contribution strategies including defined contribution.

Carriers Offered: National and regional health insurance options

Decision Support:  Offers Shopping tools, decision support and enrollment for employees. One tool that is utilized is Ask Emma. Ask Emma is an interactive decision support tool  designed to help employees make more ifnromed and personalized benefit decisions. Ask Emma guides employees through the buying process by asking a few simple questions – including what doctors or hospitals they prefer – and then suggests the plans that fit their individual needs. She also reviews how the costs add up and helps turn confusing “insurance speak” into easy-to-understand explanations.

How does exchange get compensated:

Standard or Custom Product Configuration:

Do They Utilize Additional Technology Company Solutions: Through new partnerships with GetInsured and HealthPlanOne, NFP Marketplace enables employers to offer affordable health insurance options to retirees, COBRA-eligible individuals and employees who do not qualify for sponsored plans.

Single-carrier or Multi-carrier: Multi-carrier