The AGC Alternative

imgresAssociation name: The Associated General Contractors of America

Marketplace name: The AGC Alternative

Technology used to power platform: Liazon’s Bright Choices powers the exchange with Willis as the broker of record

Main Location / Headquarters: 

Founded / Exchange Launched: 2014

Website:  Please click here

States of operation (if available): 

Are employers required to use a defined contribution: 

Carriers Offered: Aetna will anchor The AGC Alternative as the medical carrier. Group Vision Service and MetLife are available for additional benefits

Decision Support: The private exchange is centered around an online decision-support process that walks employees through a brief questionnaire about their health, lifestyle and coverage preferences, and based on sophisticated statistical modeling, recommends a combination of plans based on the individual’s answers to those questions. Employees can get immediate access to in-depth information on all of the available plans, and compare different selections to the system-recommended offerings. A dedicated employee support hotline is also available

Single IX or Multi-carrier: Single-carrier