Plan for Me(SM)

exchange_planformeCompany name: HealthPartners

Marketplace name: Plan for Me(SM)

Technology used to power platform: bswift

CEO or Practice Leader:   Mary  Brainerd –CEO of HealthPartners

Main Location / Headquarters:   Bloomington, MN

Founded / Exchange Launched: 2013

Website: Please click here

Membership/number of lives currently on platform: TBD

Segment size preference (“target business size”):  TBD

States of operation (if available): Minnesota

Are employers required to use a defined contribution: Supports defined contribution plans

Carriers Offered: HealthPartners

Decision Support: Plan for Me provides an automated and personalized health plan shopping experience. With a few simple questions about current and expected health care needs, members can view their plan options and decide which is most appropriate for them. Members can compare health plan costs, provider coverage and prescription medicine costs side-by-side

How does exchange get compensated:

Standard or Custom Product Configuration: 

Do they Utilize Other Technology Company Solutions:

Single-carrier or Multi-carrier: Single-carrier