Pearl Health Care Exchange

PearlInsurance_Inline_01Company name: Pearl Insurance

Marketplace name:  Pearl Health Care Exchange

CEO or Practice Leader:  Scott Whitaker, executive vice president of business development

Main Location / Headquarters:  Peoria Heights, IL

Founded / Launched: Open enrollment began on November 15 2014

Website:  Please click here

Membership/number of lives currently on platform:  TBD

Segment size preference (‚Äútarget business size‚ÄĚ):¬†Individual

States of operation (if available):  Due to complexities and differences in health insurance providers and the public exchange rules in each state, the health insurance products offered in the Pearl Health Care Exchange are not available in Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Hawaii.

Are employers required to use a definedcontribution:  No

Carriers Offered:  Exchange carriers include Aetna, UnitedHealthOne, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna and Humana. Plus, individuals may choose from a variety of additional off-exchange plans from multiple top carriers.

Decision Support:  Benefits counselors are available to answer questions for you after you register and as you shop.

Standard or Custom Product Configuration:  Standard. By using the Pearl Health Care Exchange, users gain access to all available Gold, Silver, and Bronze marketplace plans in their local areas and have the ability to estimate available federal tax subsidies and apply them directly to their health plan to receive lower monthly premiums.

Do they Utilize Other Technology Company Solutions:  Yes, powered by GoHealth

Single-carrier or Multi-carrier: Multi-carrier