HealthPlanOne Exchange Solutions

exchange_healthplanoneCompany name: HealthPlanOne LLC

Marketplace name: HealthPlanOne Exchange Solutions

CEO or Practice Leader:  Bill Stapleton – CEO

Main Location / Headquarters:  Shelton, CT

Founded / Exchange Launched: Have been delivering private exchange solutions since 2006

Website: Please click here.

Membership/number of lives currently on platform:

Segment size preference (“target business size”):  No size preference, exchange is available for individuals & families, as well as employer’s retirees

States of operation (if available): Available in all 50 states

Are employers required to use a defined contribution:  Yes

Carriers Offered: HealthPlanOne has relationships nationally with more than 120 carriers representing over 7,000 Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans and prescription drug plans.

Decision Support: Offers a service center that is staffed with salaried, licensed advisors who provide guidance to retirees, helping them enroll in the plan that best suits their needs. Through the exchange’s online portal, retirees receive education on medical insurance options, learn about individual plans, and evaluate and compare various choices.

How does exchange get compensated: Revenue is derived from commissions paid by carriers. There is not any charge to an employer or the retirees for access to HealthPlanOne’s online platform and service center

Standard or Custom Product Configuration: Customizable

Do they White Label: No, but HealthPlanOne does partner with bswift to deliver an end-to-end defined contribution health insurance solution for retirees. HealthPlanOne provides the online platform and licensed advisors that will assist retirees in evaluating, comparing and enrolling in over 4,000 insurance plans from over 80 carriers nationally serving the individual Medicare marketplace. bswift will manage the administration of the retirees’ defined contribution program and the Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) plans.

Single-carrier or Multi-carrier: Multi-carrier