Granite Health Pro

Cimgresompany name: Granite Insurance Brokers, Inc

Marketplace name: Granite HealthPro

Technology used to power platform:  Maxwell Health

CEO or Practice Leader:  Shawn Edgington – CEO of Granite Insurance Brokers

Main Location / Headquarters:  Pleasanton, CA

Founded / Exchange Launched:

Website: Please click here.

Membership/number of lives currently on platform: TBD

Segment size preference (“target business size”):

States of operation (if available): California

Are employers required to use a defined contribution: No – defined contribution or defined benefit

Carriers Offered: Offers prestocked products but can load up any carrier

Decision Support: Offers flexible decision support tools; including lifestyle based packaging. Provides “more refined decision support” at key points in the process.

How does exchange get compensated: 

Standard or Custom Product Configuration:

Single-carrier or Multi-carrier: Multi-Carrier