exchange_connectedhealthCompany name: ConnectedHealth

Marketplace name: Smart Choices™ Marketplace

CEO or Practice Leader: John Fiacco – CEO

Main Location / Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Founded / Launched: Founded in 2009

Website: Please click here

Membership/number of lives currently on platform: TBD

Segment size preference (“target business size”):  Focuses on the small and mid-size employers

States of operation (if available): National

Are employers required to use a defined contribution: No; both defined benefit and defined contribution

Health Carriers Offered: National and regional carriers are offered

Ancillary/Specialty Carriers Offered: National and regional carriers are offered

Decision Support: Decision support tools include a Web-Based Resource Center, Online Subsidy Calculator, Live Call Center Support, and a Proprietary Recommendation Engine which gives consumers personalized recommendations based on their preferences, health profile, risk tolerance and budget

How does exchange get compensated: In the group space, ConnectedHealth gives brokers a choice. They offer a co-broker relationship or let the broker keep full commission and charge a PEPM fee. There is also a customization fee.

Standard or Custom Product Configuration: ConnectedHealth’s individual platform is preloaded with approximately 135 medical carriers. On the group platform, ConnectedHealth allows carriers and employers to design plans for each exchange – completely customizable.

Do they Utilize Other Technology Company Solutions:

Single-carrier or Multi-carrier: Both