Benefitalign TrueCoverage

imagesCompany name: Benefitalign

Marketplace nameTrueCoverage

Technology used to power exchange: Benefitalign

CEO or Practice Leader:

Launched: November, 2014

Main Location / Headquarters: Albuquerque, N.M.

Website:  Please click here

Membership/number of lives currently on platform: Not currently available

Segment size preference (“target business size”): 

States of operation (if available):  New Mexico

Are employers required to use a defined contribution: 

Carriers Offered: Initially, TrueCoverage is offering health plans from BlueCross BlueShield of New Mexico, New Mexico Health Connections, and Presbyterian Health Plans. Coming in 2015, the TrueCoverage insurance marketplace will offer additional insurance plans, including dental, vision, life insurance, pet insurance, and more.

Decision Support Tools: Information about each available plan is presented to the shopper to make choosing and purchasing the right coverage for an individual family, or organization an understandable and effective process. The marketplace intuitively walks visitors step-by-step while personalizing their insurance shopping experience. The marketplace also has “Our Health Source” library which easy to understand explanations about the different types of health care plans, an extensive FAQ list that defines health care terms, and a brief 60-second videos that illustrate everything an individual must know about healthcare. There is also a “60-second Quick Quote” feature that makes it easy to view and compare health care options, while an enrollment wizard walks the individual through the enrollment process quickly.

How does exchange get compensated: TBD

Standard or Custom Product Configuration:  TBD

Do they Utilize Other Technology Company Solutions:

Single-carrier or Multi-carrier: Multi-carrier