Array Health

exchange_arrayCompany name: Array Health 

CEO or Practice Leader: Jonathan Rickert – CEO

Main Location / Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Founded / Launched: Company founded in 2006

Website: Please click here.

Membership/number of lives currently on platform: TBD

Segment size preference (“target business size”):  Licenses private exchange software to insurers; all sizes including small, medium, and large and includes both active and retirees.

States of operation (if available): National

Are employers required to use a defined contribution: Not required but can support a defined contribution

Carriers Offered: Array partners with carriers to create single carrier exchanges. These include Highmark Health Services, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Independence Blue Cross

Decision Support: Array utilizes its proprietary Array SmartFit™ decision support technology which is designed to “simplify and humanize the process of buying benefits”. With this solution consumers provide feedback to simple statements to indicate their preferences around financial risk, access to providers, prescription needs and more. The Array SmartFit technology uses proprietary algorithms to suggest plans that best map to each individual’s values.  In addition to simplifying the decision-making process, health plan details are presented using everyday language, not insurance terms, further facilitating the shopping experience. Array Health also has comparison tools and provider look up tools.

How does exchange get compensated: Array makes money on a subscription-based model by selling branded private health exchange software to insurers.  Insurers then distribute the product out to employers.

Standard or Custom Product Configuration: Products sold on its platform are determined by insurer customers.

Do they Utilize Other Technology Company Solutions: 

Single-carrier or Multi-carrier: In 2010, Array changed to a purely single carrier technology platform model.