KTP Advisors Interviewed on HealthCare Consumerism Radio

imagesTwo senior consultants of KTP Advisors, Deb Jacobson and Mike Martocci, were recently interviewed by Brent Macy and Doug Field of The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism, on America’s Web Radio: HealthCare Consumerism. In this episode, Deb and Mike discuss KTP’s new private healthcare exchange advisory service.

In the interview, KTP’s consultants acknowledged that there are approximately 170 different private healthcare exchanges available in the United States today. The private healthcare exchange market is very complex and each exchange or marketplace is different. KTP Advisors is constantly performing extensive research to provide a completely unbiased and independent evaluation of the private healthcare exchanges and marketplaces that have emerged. KTP does not have their own exchange and is not affiliated with any.

Deb and Mike outline three specific take away points from their interview:

  • KTP Advisors is going to evaluate exchanges in an absolutely objective and unbiased way. They take a customized approach to evaluating the exchanges, by looking at exchanges from the customer’s perspective in order to prioritize the client’s goals.
  • KTP Advisors is independent and objective of any brokers, carriers, or exchange providers.
  • KTP Advisors believes that private healthcare exchanges can become important levers for addressing the effectiveness and cost of health benefits for employees.

For the full interview on HealthCare Consumerism Radio, please click here.