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Mobile Is The Future In Healthcare

Posted on November 30, 2015

urlMore and more individuals are going mobile to access information and purchase goods and services. Health care consumption is being affected by the same broad economic trends that are affecting all goods and services in e-commerce. Converging trends in the mobile marketplace will drive more consumers to access healthcare, interact with vendors and pay bill through their mobile devices. Click here to read the full story from KTP’s Jennifer Jones and Barry Eyre.

Evaluating Private Exchanges: A Two-Step Process

Posted on June 19, 2015

urlHow do employers know if a private exchange is right for their benefit strategy? And if a private exchange is the right solution, how do employers properly vet and evaluate the exponentially expanding private exchange market? First, an employer needs to decide what they hope to accomplish by moving to an exchange. The second step is vetting and evaluating the different exchanges based on the employer’s specific strategy, structure and budget. Click here to read the full story from KTP’s Jennifer Jones.


Private Exchanges: Do You Really Know All the Questions to Ask?

Posted on November 18, 2014

urlWhen vetting and evaluating private exchanges, everyone needs to cover all of the bases. To properly evaluate all the players in the private health insurance exchange market, it is important to get an independent perspective and know the right questions to ask. Click here to read the full story from KTP’s Jennifer Jones and Michael Martocci.

OPEB Liability –  Does It Matter?

Posted on April 30, 2013

benefits magazine snipitClick here to read in Benefits Magazine how municipalities and Taft-Hartley Funds can legitimately reduce the annual cost of retiree health benefits and cut millions from their OPEB liability, without cutting benefits or increasing costs to retirees.

Today’s Keys for Lowering Drug Costs

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CFOClick here to read about Today’s Keys for Lowering Drug Costs written by KTP’s very own Barry Eyre for

Solving a Piece of the OPEB Puzzle

Posted on February 13

GoverningClick here to find out what has to say about KTP’s approach to solving the OPEB puzzle.

Feds Shake Up Private Health-Exchange Market

Posted on February 7

CFOClick here to read what, with the help of KTP’s very own Mark Whitcher, has to say about the Private Health-Exchange Market.

Firm Targets Soaring Health Costs

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Providence Business NewsAnyone who’s taken an interest in the finances of cities or towns in recent years is aware of the budgetary challenges posed by retiree health care obligations.

Click here to read in the Providence Business News how KTP is leveraging its experience in advising corporations and institutions on sustaining retiree health care benefits to help municipalities reduce their unfunded liability without cutting benefits or increasing costs to retirees.

Health Group Subsidizing Barnstable

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Cape Cod TimesClick here for Barry Eyre’s OpEd in the Cape Cod Times on the financial windfall the town of Barnstable, Mass., has enjoyed from its membership in the Cape Cod Municipal Heath Group.

A Judge’s Misunderstanding of Medicare

Posted on February 13, 2012

projoClick here to read former KTP offical Steve Kirkpatrick’s OpEd in the Providence Journal on the misguided decision by a Rhode Island Superior Court judge to deny the city of Providence from moving its retired police and firefighters onto Medicare.