Impact of Specialty Pharmacy Programs on Cost and Outcomes for Patients Using Oral Oncology Medications

specialty drugA year-long study published by The American Journal of Pharmacy Beneajpb2fits in 2012,analyzed the results of oral oncology medications on cost and patient outcomes. It concluded that specialty pharmacy programs promoting oral oncology drugs in treatment regiments increased patient adherence and lowered overall medical costs by 13 percent, or about $13,000, in the first year of treatment. According to the study, the savings largely resulted from  a reduction in outpatient hospital costs by more than 40 percent.

Over the past decade oncology treatments have shifted toward increased use of highly targeted oral medications. This has enabled patients to receive treatment at home rather than in an inpatient or outpatient setting.
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Firm Targets Soaring Health Costs

Anyone who’s taken an interest in the finances of their local city or town in recent years is aware of the challenges posed by retiree health care obligations.

Now KTP Advisors of Newport, which has managed health care benefits for corporations and nonprofits since 2002, wants to help.

KTP Advisors has begun offering its Medicare experience to
communities in need of benefit guidance.

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